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5 steps | 30 days

What you need to write a great book!

Tired of wondering how to get started on your book?  Wondering if anyone will publish it or if anyone will read it?  

Well, let me help you with this! 

The Five Steps Model is designed to help you create a great non-fiction book, regardless of genre. It makes it so much easier for you to succeed as an author!

2499 NOK | 7 days 100% money-back guarantee! 

Will the book be worth the effort?

Writing a book can give you new exciting opportunities and offers. You meet new people, gain extra income, it becomes a door-opener and a new adventure. Having a book on your CV can open up new and surprising career possibilities.

For some authors the book becomes the key to the life they dream about. 

We know it works!

Because you'll learn proven journalistic methods

Imagine the difference between working on a book you know will be published versus working on a project you're unsure if anyone is interested in!  Which one do you think is easier to complete? 

Writing a book can be hard! And in some cases it's a huge task. An if you don't have a crystal clear plan before you start, it can turn out being almost impossible to succeed.

This is what you want to avoid:

 1. Wasting time on unfocused work that never becomes the book you dream of. 

2. Struggling with frustration anddoubt about yourself and your ability to complete the project, and uncertainty about whether anyone wants to read your book or publish it. 

 3. Trouble getting publishers or others on board. As a result, it becomes nearly impossible to get a book published and marketed. Whether you self-publish or use a publisher, you actually need various types of professionals to help you create a high-quality book.

All of this often leads to giving up! And that's something we definitely don't want! We want your dream of becoming an author to come true! That's why I created The Five Step Model!

This is what you'll get: 

We want you to experience all the wonderful aspects of being an author, and for your readers to find joy, benefit, and get help from what you have to share! 

The Five-Step Model for non-fiction books is designed to help you get started on a crystal-clear book project so that you can see your book published!

The course works for all types of non-fiction books because it is based on journalism, and the Five-Step Model will work for your non-fiction book as well! 

But what is non-fiction?

Non-fiction is all about reality. The stories are not made up. It's facts, real and as accurate as possible. Novels and poems are examples of fiction. The stories are made up by the author.

Textbooks, reference books, biographies, historical books, how-to books, and hobby books are typical non-fiction books. Travel books, encyclopedias, and guides are also non-fiction. My favorite in the category of creative ideas for non-fiction is "Guide to Edible Insects." … 

Yes! And in the course, you will learn how to find an idea for a non-fiction book that suits you!

Yes, if you have a dream of writing a book about something from reality, this is suitable for you. Non-fiction is highly creative as well. Narrative non-fiction utilizes the same elements as novels. The difference is that you are not making things up. That adds extra cred to the story and your book! 

How does The Five Step Model work?

Fordelene med Fem Stegs modellen

When writing non-fiction books, it could be smart to have a publisher or other collaborators involved in the project before you start writing the manuscript. 

If you want to apply for funding to work on the book, you need to do this before you write, in most cases. And before your script is done.

The Five-Step Model helps you with all the important decisions you need to make in order to work steadily, efficiently, and with joy - not overwhelm. 

This way of working is smart if want to self-publish as well as if want to work with established publishers.

This is what you'll learn:

Finding the perfect book idea. This helps you getting publishers on board but also to market the book well. It helps you establish you as an expert in your niche.

Making the book relevant to the reader, working with the target audience, and defining how this impacts your work and marketing efforts.

Finding your perfect position in the market and showing everyone why it is important that your book becomes a reality.(Because it is!)

Determining the what and how of the book, and designing an amazing tool that assists you throughout the rest of the process.
Finally, you will learn about creating a project plan, finding a title, engaging publishers or other collaborators, and seeking financial support. You will also get templates, tasks, and specific tips for the entire writing process.

This is how we do it

The course is delivered through a daily email, straight to your inbox, for 30 days. You will receive audio files and text for each lesson, as well as assignments that guide you through the process. The course is yours forever, and you can use it as much and for as long as you want! No more forgotten passwords and lost login links!

The end result

This course will make ha huge difference for you! You will have a well-developed book project ready and submitted to publishers once you have completed the course and the assignments! Additionally, you will have created a work tool that guides you through the entire process of writing and editing, making research and all the decisions you need to make much easier.

It doesn't waste your time

You shouldn't spend time on a course, but on your book! That's why the course is straightforward and not time-consuming to go through. The assignments are directly related to your book, so you will be working on your book from the very beginning. The time spent will be individual and vary depending on the project and your experience.

Who is
Stine Velsvik?

I'm Stine. I have a master's degree in journalism and a bachelor's degree in TV production. A significant portion of my career has been at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) Every day, I assist people who are creating content for various purposes. One of the most common challenges I observe is a lack of direction. They're not quite clear on what they want to say, nor exactly who they want to say it to. Not even why. 

Having these fundamentals in place is crucial when writing a book. Obvious, you might think? Well, if it were that easy, fewer people would struggle with it. It's not enough to just have a rough idea. You need to be crystal clear!

In journalism, this is one of the most crucial things to consider in order to create content that stands out. I have used the well-established journalistic methods when creating this course to help you find a razor-sharp focus for your book. This way, you can write something that many people will want to read!

You know, it is when we hit that perfect spot we are able to tell stories that bring about change, and write books that make a difference!

How to make your dream come true:

Well, first you need to make a decision. Then you must dare to go for your dream. Remember, you are so worth it!

1. Join us in the course!

For only 2499 NOK you'll get lifetime access to the email course and all its resources. You can take it at your own pace and use it for as many books as you'd like!

2. Get a proven way to your dream come true!

The course helps you get started and allows you to work like a professional even if you're completely inexperienced. The good journalistic methods have been developed to produce all kinds of meaningful and high-quality content!

3. Become an author!

You'll be surprised at how effective you can be, how well you can write, and how much easier it can be to get others on board when you use the Five-Step Model! It's all about being crystal clear.


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Answers to FAQ

The price is 2499 NOK. With that, you'll have the course forever and can use it for as many books as you want! 

Yes! We have 7-day 100% money back guarantee.

This is not the best course if you want to write novels or other works of fiction. The course is based on journalistic principles and is designed for non-fiction. You will still learn a lot, but it is specifically tailored for writing genres such as your memoar, academic books, how-to books, factual books, biographies, and so on 

No, unfortunately not. However, you will learn everything necessary to increase your chances of securing a publishing deal before and after writing your manuscript. But we cannot guarantee anything on behalf of either you or a publishing house. 

The course spans over 30 days, with a daily email delivered to your inbox. The tasks included in the course may vary in time required, depending on factors such as the type of book you're writing, your familiarity with the subject matter, and your research experience. Remember, you have lifetime access to the course, allowing you to use it as much and as long as you want! One of the great things about the course is that you don't need to invest a lot of time in it before getting started on your book. We understand that time pressure is already a real challenge for many aspiring authors! We don't want to add extra workload to your plate! 

The course is suitable for all types of non-fiction. From cookbooks and knitting books to historical narratives, biographies, and everything in between. It is based on journalistic principles of content production, making it applicable to all genres.

Absolutly! The course requires no prior knowledge or prerequisites. It serves as your starting package and provides you with everything you need to chart a clear course. You will learn what you need to get started on a solid project. It may be the most valuable boost you can get! 

Yes! You are always welcome to reach out via email. We don't have fixed gathering points for course participants. The reason is that the course can be taken at any time and anywhere. However, our goal is for you to succeed, and we are here for you every step of the way! 

100% Money Back Guarantee!


PS: You'll have time to receive the first two steps, and you get to keep them as well!